2009 JPM Berjaya Hill Time Challenge

9th - 11th October 2009

The inaugural JPM Berjaya Hills Time Challenge 2009 is a safe Hill Climb meet for all supercar and performance car owners in a competition. Unlike conventional hill climbs, this event is not a race but instead time handicap challenge where the driver is able to pick his or her own speed category and the pre-determined timing for each run. It will be a test of car performance, drivers’ skill and capability. The driver who completes both the 8km uphill and downhill drive in a time that is closest to their declared time shall be declared as winner. Similar to a golf handicap system, the driver is to race against his or her own time handicap and not against others. Besdies the hill climb category, participants are also encouraged to participate in a slalom competition called the Forest-One Time Attack.

2009 JPM Berjaya Hill Time Challenge Photo Gallery

2009 JPM Berjaya Hill Time Challenge Video