10th August 2010

As MMER 2010 entered the last 5 minutes, the JPM Dragon-i team was fully aware that their 2 year podium drought will come to an end. And such was the case when the checkered flag was waved down at 12pm Sunday, 8th August 2010 signalling the end of the 12 hour long race that tested the limits of both the drivers and the machine.

Dramatic would be the only word I can use to describe their victory. For we can still recall receiving the text message from the lead driver TJ Chin one and a half weeks prior to the race, to tell us that they will be participating in the MMER 2010. Preparation of a race car is definitely no cookie, and as far as "I" am concerned, the only part easy about cookies is putting them into my mouth. And big my mouth was, gawking, when the news was relayed.

Fast forward to race day, after having qualified 16th on grid and 3rd in class they were now preparing for the flag-off ceremony and things began to go slightly wrong. One of the requirements for the MMER was to have all the front and rear lamps working, and the 996 Cup car suffered a weird electrical glitch rendering the rear lamps to fail. While sitting on the grid during parade time, the crew went frantic in finding a solution for the problem. The devised solution then, was only completed 10 minutes before the race begun.

The lights went green when the first of the 36 cars racing that night reached within a hundred meters of the starting line and for that instance Sepang International Circuit was enveloped in a loud roar as the clock ticked 12:00. Race began and drivers went after each other as if forgetting that it was an endurance race. They wanted to win, and they're not going to wait for it. Team JPM Dragon-i made its' move within the first few laps and assaulted the 2 top cars in the class and managed to squeeze out first placing.

4 hours into the race, a distraught signal was heard when the 996 Cup car drove into paddock. The exhaust manifold had a minor crack and the team had a big decision to make. If they were to bring in emergency parts it would require 2 hours for it to reach and another 45 minutes to install it or they could opt to soldier the car all the way and hope things don't go wrong, bearing in mind that they would be sacrificing their leading position that was built up from the very beginning. They decided to push on and hope things work out somehow, which proved to be the delight of Team Tracy Sports who had been trailing behind them from the start. By the 5th hour, they were overtaken and relegated to 2nd as the 996 Cup has suffered a lost of power.

The face of Team Manager, JP Chin during the remaining 7 hours was stressed to say the least. The drivers wanted the win, the crews wanted to win and most importantly, he wanted the win. Lap by lap went by as we heard the note of the 996 Cup
car thunder past us consistently every 2 minutes and 30 seconds as if to tell us that it's still going, and it doesn't want to stop.

Fast forwarding the time, when the clock struck 12:00 and the flag waived, the horde of JPM Dragon-i's crew flooding the pit wall was a sight that was tear jerking. A tear jerking end to a 2 year podium drought which was highlighted by the beat-up exhaust note of the Porsche 996 Cup car. The cheers and gestures made by the crew as the 996 Cup car drove by the main straight was indeed a sight to behold.

And till this moment, it still lingers strong within our heart. As we shared with them till the very last minute. Of their struggle, their blood and sweat, their battle, and the sweet victory that came along with it.

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